MetaShare price plan

Choose the right productivity suite for your business

MetaShare is suitable for companies of all sizes, from small organizations with just a few employees, to large enterprises. Our average customer has 300 users. Pricing is fixed up to 100 users, thereafter we will supply you with a quote.

Maximum 2 users


Maximum 2 users



Pay per case customer support

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Up to 100 users




Minimum 5 users

Pay per case customer support

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More than 100 users

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Premium support included

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You may terminate the service at any time with 1 month notice.

Testimonials from MetaShare clients

Customers in various industries manage their business with MetaShare. Their satisfaction is our top priority.

Olle Kinnman
“Our 200 employees’ work day has now been simplified and made more efficient.”

Olle Kinnman, Partner, Deloitte

Mats Rehnqvist
“With this solution we link all our people together and contribute to spreading knowledge at the same time as we are able to keep our corporate culture and our guidelines together.”

Mats Rehnqvist, CIO, Anticimex