How to apply metadata automatically?

The power of automated metadata

Metadata is extremely useful but may be tiresome to enter manually. But there are simpler and automated methods to apply it.

Metadata should be applied to all important document libraries in Office 365/SharePoint. MetaShare automatically helps you to create a homogeneous metadata structure. When your Office documents are tagged with metadata, you will get control of your documents in a whole new way. The benefits are several; easier filtering through a multidimensional navigation, search refinements, help you to either delete or archive certain document based on rules.


There are SharePoint add-on features that applies metadata automatically based on the context-based functionality. It will remember what you are working on and when you add or create a new document, MetaShare will automatically prefill metadata for the user. You may even automatically apply metadata at whole workspaces (Group Site, Team Site, SharePoint site), even without involving the IT staff.

What do you earn?

MetaShare means reduced costs compared to if you yourself or an IT consultant, configure SharePoint and are satisfied with the default interface.

Download our white paper How metadata is automatically applied by entering your information in the form. It’s our hope this could bring some clarity on how to think and act.

The MetaShare add-on in Office 365 is a packaged deal for document management. See the MetaShare demo.