How to apply metadata automatically?

Metadata is extremely useful. When applied you will be able to utilize more of the features in of Office 365.

Metadata should be applied to all important document libraries in Office 365/SharePoint. MetaShare automatically helps you to create a metadata structure. When your Office documents are tagged with metadata, you will get control of your documents in a whole new way.

The benefits are several:

  • Quickly find documents through the simplicity of the filter-choices.
  • Make the search engine in Office 365/SharePoint more powerful, as you also will be able to use metadata as refiners, to narrow down your search results.
  • Enable different degrees of automation, for example automatic deletion, archiving and the creation of different workflows.

MetaShare applies metadata automatically based on the context-based functionality.

Download our white paper “How metadata is automatically applied” by entering your information in the form. It’s our hope this could bring some clarity on how to think and act.