Document management best practices in Office 365

Enhanced document management in Office 365

The transition to Office 365 has provided a new platform for document management. Whereas previously saving files to a file server, organizations should now manage and save their documents in Office 365. The benefits of using Office 365 for document management are many.


There are many different applications in Office 365 that handles documents, and it’s easy to get lost use the wrong tool.

SharePoint in Office 365 has standard features for document management but it needs to be configured and it does not have an out-of-the-box solution for document management.

MetaShare® is a packaged solution that turns SharePoint into a full-featured document management solution. MetaShare will help and simplify for the organization and the users who work with documents in Office 365.

MetaShare has enabled us to leverage the power of SharePoint for document management and collaboration and tagging which has eased document finding and search.

Lumumba Juma, International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA)

To start with simple document management in Office 365, this is what you should apply:

  • Use Microsoft OneDrive for Business only for your private documents or for early drafts of business documents.
  • Use MetaShare for your crucial business documents (If not MetaShare, use SharePoint document library and make sure to configure this properly).
  • Use Microsoft Teams when you need to collaborate with your peers or external parties.

When using MetaShare, Teams or SharePoint you need to set up basic rules.

  • What sites should be created? Don’t make it free for your users to choose.
  • Try to limit the number of sites, especially sites that are common use for the organization, team, department etc.
  • Try to define different types of sites, e.g.; departmental sites, team sites, project sites, that are aligned with your business.
  • Apply tags and document management settings, this should be done homogeneously throughout Office 365 (OneDrive for Business cannot be configured).

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MetaShare is an app for document management in Microsoft Office 365. MetaShare turns SharePoint into a full-featured document management solution.

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