Document Manage­ment for Office 365

MetaShare increases the operational efficiency by gaining control over document in Office 365.

MetaShare turns SharePoint into a full-featured document management solution on top of your Office 365 suite. MetaShare uses SharePoint’s infrastructure and adds document management features that enhances the user experience and increases productivity. The differences are many (read our feature comparison, for more details), but these are the two main parts that affect the organization the most.

MetaShare gives your document management a flexible metadata-driven information structure. You manage permissions and approval workflows with ease.

MetaShare has enabled us to leverage the power of SharePoint for document management and collaboration and tagging which has eased document finding and search.

Lumumba Juma, International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA)

MetaShare’s user-friendly interface will make it easier to find, work and reuse documents and use the document management features that are enabled trough SharePoint.

  1. Easy to find documents by filtering on multiple metadata filters. If needed you can also combine the metadata filters with traditional document folders. A powerful and tidy information structure arise.
  2. Easy to tag documents, as they are auto-tagged, based on the users’ context.
  3. Easy to create documents using MetaShare’s unique suggested templates feature, where metadata also is applied to documents when they are created.
  4. Easier to work and collaborate with documents in different workspaces.
  5. Easier to work with approval workflows and other SharePoint’s document management features.

MetaShare automates SharePoint completely. You will reduce the cost of implementation compared to Office 365/standard SharePoint.

  1. Workspaces do not need to be configured manually, since MetaShare automatically applies document settings, document filters and document views across all workspaces of a certain configuration.
  2. MetaShare applies a homogeneous metadata/information structure in Office 365.
  3. In MetaShare you can create different workspaces for different purposes with different configurations.
  4. MetaShare automatically manages SharePoint’s sites in a smart and easy way.

View our demo – this is how it works