The International IDEA

Smart document management for global operations

The International IDEA, Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, with the task of spreading knowledge about, for example, election issues, civic participation and democracy development, consists of 34 member countries.

With offices around the world and fragmented file management, International IDEA had difficulty finding the right documents, problems with inflexible workspaces and ensuring proper data management.

Therefore, International IDEA was looking for a partner with the expertise to develop a central collaboration tool with the ability to connect scattered archives, ensure a secure source of information (single source of truth) and a flexible way of working.

Friction-free work with the help of MetaShare

That the choice fell on MetaShare was mainly due to its multidimensional filtering capabilities and intuitive interface that make it possible to search, find and work in documents no matter where they are stored. In addition, MetaShare made it possible to create and manage existing workspaces without involving the support department.

Ways developed a customized configuration of MetaShare and a deployment management and deployment plan. After a smooth migration of IDEA’s documents, the organization was able to quickly get started with the next generation document management system – MetaShare.