One document was in the mailbox, another on the server, a third in Teams

Fastighetssnabben manages industrial and commercial properties all over Sweden. At the company, there were as many ways to save documents as there were employees. Not unexpectedly, this created a jumble of documents and lots of duplicates that made it impossible to find the correct version. A tip from IT operating partner Nordlo made Fastighetssnabben realize that there was a solution to the problem – MetaShare.

After a short break-in period, everyone worked in a uniform way

After a design exercise with Ways, Fastighetssnabben found a flexible structure where documents are filtered by department and tagged with metadata that allows everyone to find them. After a break-in period where everyone learned to work with filters and metadata in a uniform way, Fastighetssnabben never needs to browse among the files. With MetaShare, the correct version is always a click away. And the support has barely been needed to be used, everything has worked smoothly from the start.