Search documents across Office 365

Description of the new feature

One of the major new MetaShare features that recently was released (December 9th, 2021) is a new method for users to search for documents across Office 365 (MetaShare, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive).

Previously, when searching for documents in MetaShare, across all locations, a new browser tab would open, where the users would see the search-results presented in SharePoint’s search results page (a standard or a customized search results page):

Search results in standard SharePoint

Now users can instead directly go to MetaShare’s start page and click on the “Documents” tab:

The page initially shows the latest 50 documents that you have access to (the documents are initially sorted by the Modified column, descending order), and if you scroll to the bottom of the page, the next batch of 50 documents will be shown.

You can now write a search phrase in the search box above the list of documents:

After having pressed the “Enter” key on the keyboard, the search phrase will be shown above the document list and the documents in the list will be filtered to reflect the search phrase:

The documents are now sorted by relevance (the documents that most match your searched phrase will be shown on the top of the list).

To make it easier to further filter the documents, you will only see the filters and filter values that are applicable to the documents that you have access to, based on any applied filter/search, so selecting any value under a specific filter will always show you at least one document.

When you open a filter, the filter’s values are also sorted by relevance (the value with most occurrences will be shown on the top of the filter) and the number of documents that match the value is shown, in parentheses, to the right of the value:

Refiner values with counters

Once you have filtered/refined on a value, you are able to deselect your filter by clicking on the “X” or by selecting the “All” option:

Deselect a refiner or show all values

If a specific metadata field allows multiple values, you are able to filter on documents that are tagged with more than one value, like in this example:

Filter on several values

If you want to open the MetaShare workspace, where a document resides, you select the document and click on the “Show in workspace” function:

The document’s workspace will now open, and a filtering will be applied, just showing you the selected document:

If the document resides in OneDrive or in a regular SharePoint site, the function’s name will be “Show in OneDrive” or “Show in SharePoint”. If you click on it, OneDrive or the document’s SharePoint site will open in a separate tab.

Customizing the appearance of the “Documents” tab

Before MetaShare is configured with your information structure, the “Documents” tab only shows standard SharePoint columns and filters, such as File type, Modified & Modified by:

MetaShare's new document tab

As a MetaShare administrator, you can decide which metadata fields to show as columns/filters in the view, e.g., Workspace, “Document type” & “Created by”. Instructions on how to do this is found on these 2 admin manual pages:

  1. How to define which columns to show in the document list
  1. How to define which filters to show in the document list

If you would like assistance to customize your “Documents” tab, please let us know and we will be happy to help you.