Quality Management System in MetaShare

Let MetaShare help you systematize your documents in your management system. You can easily configure MetaShare so that it complies to the various requirements addressed by laws, regulations and standards e.g. the different ISO standards.

It’s easy to find controlling and supportive documents via MetaShare’s intuitive user interface that works on any device – whether you’re working on a computer, tablet or mobile, making it easier to access important information when you really need it. MetaShare has all the document functions that a smart document management should offer.

In MetaShare, it is also possible to work with recurring review of the system’s content and to communicate new or updated information.

If you have visualized your business processes, you can easily integrate MetaShare with your process maps that you have created in Microsoft Visio or any other applications.

Some of the benefits:

  1. With metadata tags, you can easily create control over your governing documents
  2. Review and revision of documents are easily facilitated
  3. Easy to make the management system available to other employees in your organization
  4. Easy to integrate with your process maps so that you relate the right document to the right process

Supportive features that MetaShare help you with:

  1. Tag documents with metadata such as ”Process”, “Activity”, “Document type, “Review date”, “Revision date”, “Document owner”, “Process owner”, “Relates to a specific standard” etc.
  2. Automatic notification and alerts when documents are to be reviewed and revised
  3. Customized views for review and revision for all maintenance and improvement work
  4. Automatic document approval flows
  5. Automatic flows for review and feedback of documents

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