Microsoft Office Template Library

MetaShare’s template library store your document templates in one location. Easy to update and maintain. Embed metadata to create smart document templates. You get a quick and easy template management that directly adds value for the users.

When a user creates a document from a document template, MetaShares will suggest one or several templates, based on, for example, the document type that you have selected. This makes it easier for you to choose the right template based on context. The document’s metadata such as: Document type, Confidentiality, Document owner, Document date, can also be presented in the document itself, e.g. the header/footer or anywhere in the text.

Here are the benefits:

  • All document templates are handled in a central template library.
  • Easy to update and maintain all templates.
  • Insert MetaShare metadata fields into the document templates so that the documents dynamically can present information about the documents.
  • From MetaShare, users can easily create new documents based on these templates.

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