Microsoft Dynamics Document Connector for MetaShare

Dynamically save and simplify the document management from Microsoft Dynamics to MetaShare. You get a central document library in MetaShare for your documents that you work with in Microsoft Dynamics. Documents will be handled correctly and can be used by both Dynamics and MetaShare.

Here’s how Document Connector works:

  • Instead of putting the documents in folders in Microsoft Dynamics, you tag the documents with metadata based on field entities in Dynamics.
  • Choose which fields you want to tag a document with for different entities – for example, “Company”, “Person”, “Quotation” etc. The fields will be synchronized with MetaShare and handled as metadata tags.
  • When you work with a document from MetaShare and tag a document for example with, the entity “Company”, all companies are synchronized with Dynamics.
  • In the document view in Microsoft Dynamics, the documents related to the company in question will dynamically be presented in the view.

The benefits:

  • All document in Microsoft Dynamics will be stored and managed in MetaShare and according to best practice.
  • All documents you work with will be tagged with relevant fields / metadata and saved in MetaShare.
  • It will be easier to search and find documents directly from MetaShare.
  • You can use filters to find documents, for example, to find all quotation documents for a specific customer or company in MetaShare.
  • Metadata-tagged documents open up the possibility of using more features in Microsoft 365 such as:
    • Create automatic flows for review or approval.
    • Automatically be able to archive or delete documents from Dynamics that are no longer relevant.

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