MetaShare’s document approval workflow

With today’s large amount of documents, the need to control and maintain the flow of documents within an organization becomes more important. There is a constant exchange of information internally, but also with, for example, customers, owners, suppliers, and authorities. It is important for an organization that documents are correct, clear, and up to date. The need also increases if you have a management system or must follow given standards and regulations.

MetaShare simplifies the work with all documentation, including the documents’ approval- and publishing processes.

The benefits of MetaShare’s approval workflow are many, including shorter lead-times and increased control.

Description document approval workflow in MetaShare
  • Submit your documents for approval and publishing
  • When approved documents have been updated, send them for a new approval process
  • Identify the changes and current document revision status
  • You get control of who prepared and approved the document and its period of validity, associated departments, units, roles, processes, standards and more
  • Prevent outdated documents from unintentional use

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