Make sure the content can be found

Enhance the search experience in Office 365/SharePoint so that your users easily find what they are looking for.

SharePoint in Microsoft 365 has both a classic and a modern search experience, where Microsoft Search in SharePoint is the modern search experience. The most visible difference is that the Microsoft Search box is placed at the top of SharePoint, in the header bar. Microsoft Search is personal for the logged in user, you only see results for the documents that you have permissions to. Users see results before they start typing in the search box, based on their previous activity and trending content in Microsoft 365, and the results update as they type.

All content in SharePoint is indexed so that users can get faster search results.  Both search experiences use the same search index to find search results.

This is great, but…

Improve your search experience, enhance basic search to Enterprise Search. One key is to add metadata tags. Metadata is the trick that allows users to find exactly what they are looking for. If you do nothing about this, the search experience will lead to the users not finding what they are looking for. This is because there is no way to refine, duplicate content, it is difficult to determine what is the latest version of a document, etc.

Our recommendation is to customize and tailor the classic search experience so that the search becomes an Enterprise Search. By default, SharePoint is set up with the basic search.

  • Create a SharePoint Enterprise Search Center on your site where users can search for everything within your company
  • Tag pages, content and document with relevant metadata
  • Customize the search by using metadata as search-refiners. The search-refiners help users drill into the search results to find what they’re looking for

Another advantage of metadata is that it becomes much easier to integrate with other systems, for example publishing documents on an intranet, financial systems, CRM systems, etc.

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