How to work in OneDrive for Business and MetaShare

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business corresponds to a file server, such as H:, or My Documents.

OneDrive for Business ensures that all documents are synchronized between your devices (computer, mobile, etc.) and the Cloud. You can access the files from virtually anywhere, as well as all types of computers and devices.


OneDrive for Business is not a document management system because the documents are owned by a user and not a part of an organization. This is where MetaShare® adds an important value to an organization.

How do you work in OneDrive?

You save your private files in OneDrive. What you store in MetaShare is documents belonging to an organization or those you want to collaborate with your colleagues.

Only in exceptional cases, you can use OneDrive for a single business document. For example, if only you are working on documents, you want to work with the document completely off-line and you know that no one else among your colleagues will work on the document. Then you can move a document from MetaShare to OneDrive and work on it until it’s done, then upload it to MetaShare again.

When uploading it to MetaShare, it’s important that the file name is the same as before – then it will be a new version of the document in MetaShare, utilizing MetaShare’s version management for tracking changes to documents.

MetaShare introduction

In short, MetaShare is the new G: (common disk / file server). MetaShare uses the power of SharePoint to make document management easier.

MetaShare simplifies document management by:

  • It is easy to find, create and reuse documents from different perspectives by tagging documents with several metadata
  • It’s a simple and intuitive user interface which requires minimal training to get started

In MetaShare, it is easy to create different tags for future search of documents. The basis of MetaShare is three main tags areas, Topic, Document Type and Keyword.

How do you work in MetaShare?

MetaShare is accessible from virtually anywhere, as well as from any kind of computer and device. To work with your documents, you must be online with MetaShare.

The difference between MetaShare and OneDrive for Business is MetaShare does not allow synchronization with your own computer to be able to handle offline. The reason for this is to avoid the possibility of document version conflicts.

You work as usual with documents in MetaShare, i.e. do searches, filtering, create, open and edit your documents. Simultaneous edit by several users in the same document works well in MetaShare. In MetaShare, you can now utilize the strength of custom tags according to your organization’s choice of tags. It makes it easier to search and filter out a variety of documents that may be relevant for you.

If you have documents stored on OneDrive for Business, you can easily upload them to MetaShare.

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