Efficient document collaboration in Microsoft Teams

Organizations move their documents to a variety of teams and channels in Microsoft Team. Using Teams for collaboration in a group works great, easy to co-edit, easy to share and collaborate. However, Teams is not the place for a company’s document management, i.e. management and systematization of important business documents, where the organization strives to gain control. Teams must be maintained, it is important to carefully decide which teams should remain and which teams should be deleted. If not, it will be cluttered and users will not find what there are searching for.

Certain types of documents in Teams should probably survive the lifecycle of the actual team. Documents then need to be moved or handled in a common document library instead for using “Files” tab in a Teams channel.

Different Teams can be linked to a common document library rather than being separated as it actually is in Teams.

Work as usual in Teams with the document collaboration features but add document management for your organization in a smart way.

Do the following:

  1. Create one or more MetaShare or SharePoint sites where you manage your business’ important documents, this systematized in an orderly manner and apply metadata.
  2. Add these MetaShare or SharePoint sites as a new tab in the channels in your various teams.
  3. Work and collaborate with the documents in these MetaShare or SharePoint sites instead of under the tab “files” in each channel. Let the “files” tab exist for temporary, non-important documents, such as the documents that are attached in a chat conversation etc.
  4. When a team will be deleted, the other MetaShare or SharePoint site will not be deleted, it will remain.

The benefits:

  1. Your organisation will reduce risks, gain control and manage crucial information.
  2. Documents uploaded or created on the MetaShare tab or SharePoint sites will be systematized with metadata.
  3. You can more easily find documents on the tab by using a combination of search and filters.
  4. When a team or channel is eventually deleted, the documents will not be deleted, they will still live in MetaShare or in the SharePoint site that you have linked to the Team’s channel.

Watch a video to see how it looks like when MetaShare is connected to Teams.