Definition of workspace configurations

A workspace configuration is used to define, for all workspaces of its configuration:

  1. The workspaces’ metadata (the fields to fill in when creating a new workspace of the specific configuration), see instructions on this page, under section 4
    A workspace's metadata
  2. The document’s metadata, see instructions on this page:
    1. Which content types to attach to the document library in workspaces of the specific configuration (defines the fields to fill in when uploading/creating documents):
      A document's metadata
    2. Which document filters to show in workspace (marked in yellow below):Which filters to show in a workspace
    3. Which document columns to show in the document view (marked in yellow below):
      Which columns to show in a workspace
  3. Which document templates should be suggested for each and one of the document types in the workspace (see instructions on this page).
    Which document templates to be suggested per document type